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GOD.OF.THIS.EVIL.AGE.title JEFF.IN V-4 N-9 65-0801M
Knowledge and civilization, and true Christianity has nothing in common. Civilization and true Christianity has not one thing in common. Civilization is by knowledge. We all know that. And knowledge is from Eden, proved it by what he preached in Eden, and knowledge causes death. Is that right? What caused death in the garden of Eden? Knowledge. Well, it can't be of God, so it's of the devil. Whew, was that a good one. Knowledge, science, education, is the greatest hindrance that God ever had. It is of the devil. I'll get some letters on that I know. I'm waiting for them. Look what culture's got us into now. See? Look what it's done. Where we at? We've leaned to those things through our own understanding by our science. You say, "What about God, you think He's ignorance?" Oh, no. God will set up his own kind of civilization on earth when He takes it over. This is Satan's world; he's god now of his worldly scientific knowledge. But God will set His own kind of civilization up. It won't be a civilization like this; you just remember that. It won't be the kind of civilization we got today. No, no. It will be according to His Word and His purpose. For the god of this present evil age will be destroyed and his kingdom with him.

I told you the other day; I say it again; that even civilization itself today is absolutely contrary to God. Civilization is contrary to God. Education is a million miles from Him. Science is a million miles. Science and education is trying to disprove God (See?) through theological seminaries, and schools, and rooms of science, and so forth.

Civilization brings sin, always. When man begin to multiply upon the face of the earth, violence set in and God destroyed the world. Sin came by civilization, so your intellectuals will never get you back in fellowship with God. That's hard statement, but let me say this with all tolerance and not trying to support my ignorance, but I think the worse enemy that Jesus Christ ever had was education. Educate the world, you get a bunch of educated heathens and you can't do nothing with them.

God's program is not education, civilization; but salvation. But man has tried to make a super church.
The world's trying to make a super nation with the bombs and so forth. What did they do? Till they got themselves in such a place till they're afraid of one another. One touch; it don't take a whole army anymore. The little nations, anywhere, they can make a touch, and what it is, the whole world will be blowed up in a second. You don't have to have some great nation like Russia. Why, a little bitty place, an island somewhere can do the same work. And they're standing there, radar posts, great missiles by the thousands setting ready with atomic and hydrogen weapons that could fly in. Russia could touch one trigger this afternoon, and this whole United States would sink beneath the earth. And the United States could touch one trigger and sink Russia beneath the earth. That's right.

PARDONED.title TUCSON.AZ 63-1028
Adam expressed man's thinking in the garden of Eden when he made hisself a fig leaf apron to face God. It's something that he did himself. And from fig leaves he's tried education, powers, cities, idols, civilization, denomination. But it ever remains the same. God only accepts His subjects under the Blood. And that's all.
Education has totally failed. More educated we get the farther we get from each other. Denomination has totally failed. We draw lines and barriers, and each one trying to get that denomination higher than the other, and it breaks fellowship. Civilization has merely brought about confusion. Cities, towers, and whatevermore, has all failed. And God's plan still remains the same: under the Blood.

SATAN'S.EDEN.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-20 65-0829
Now, Satan, this deceiver, as spoke of in Matthew 24:24 with so much deceit. Now, we find that by his gospel program of knowledge: better education, higher ethics, civilization, and so forth, has bewitched the people that wants to serve God into believing his lie. Eve did not want to do that, but he showed her how it was more wisdom in it. She didn't know. She wanted to know. She didn't understand, but she wanted to understand. And God told her not to try to understand. How can I understand any of these things? I cannot understand them. I believe them. I don't have to understand them. God is faith and not understanding. We just believe what He said.

SATAN'S.EDEN.title JEFF.IN V-2 N-20 65-0829
Then, Satan got Eve to listen to his gospel of theology, the gospel of knowledge, higher schooling, higher ethics, better civilization, higher education, and so forth, Then when he got the--her to stop and listen to him a minute (to his reasoning, which we are commanded to cast down) when he got her to listen to it... "Now, looky here. The church is so and so. It's been established for so long, that we're one of the oldest churches in the country. The mayor of the city goes..." No, I don't care what it is. See? If it's against God's Word, be against it. That's your enemy. Anything that's against the Word is your enemy. Everything that's for the Word is your brother. He's a part of you.

Civilization is of the Devil. I just got through preaching on that. All culture in the earth, all powers of science, and everything, is of the Devil. It's his gospel he preached of knowledge in the garden of Eden. And he's took that knowledge, perverted knowledge, contrary to the Word, and will, and plan of God, and now he's had six thousand years to do just exactly what God did, only in a perverted way, and took the same amount of time to bring his own Eden in. Now, he's got a Eden here on earth, and it's filled with wisdom, knowledge. That was his gospel at the beginning, knowledge, wisdom, science. Never did God ever cater to such. And I--I want you to watch a minute. He did this, and because that he was a man of worldly wisdom.

Now, he had six thousand years to do it with his poison spray. And how did he do it? Now, this is the striking part. And listen close now. He did it by civilization. Now, that sounds strange, but that's what. I'm going to make a statement here that'll keep you guessing, maybe, for a few minutes; I hope not. But did you realize this? Now, I'm not trying to support ignorance. But did you know that civilization, science, education, and the things that we cherish so great today, is the very instrument of Satan, even civilization? Civilization never come by God. Civilization come by Satan. I'll prove that to you by the Word, just a minute.
Civilization is not of God. For let me show you; in this civilization, the more civilized we get as we work through science, we are always killing ourselves. See? And this civilization has built up to its pinnacle now, and we got death in this civilization. We got sin in this civilization. We got sickness in this civilizations. That can't be of God.

"Blind, naked, and don't know it." Not them poor little women out there, it's nothing I got against them. It's that evil. And the system of the church seems to fail to recognize it or stand against it: let them bob off their hair, and wear makeup, and shorts and things, under the name of Christianity. What a horrible thing it is. See? They're naked again in Satan's Eden and knows it not. They don't know it. I believe I see, perhaps, looking across here, the swimming pool, at women out there now. If that woman only realized that what she's doing, but she doesn't know it. She's naked. Her body is sacred. She strips off the clothes that God clothed her with, with skin, for this generation. She constantly cuts it off. She's naked under the word of civilization, higher education, better civilization, higher ethics. Let me be sure that this soaks in. It's all of the Devil, and will be destroyed at the coming of the Lord Jesus. It'll be destroyed, every bit of it. There won't be one thing left.

Also as the prophet Paul seen in II Thessalonians the 2nd chapter, that he--he heads up in his, the great scientific Eden in this day, in scientific, in education and civilization, and has made, hisself, and will finally head up in the ecumenical council, where all churches will have to bow to him. And see what it is? It's that spirit of delusion working among the people, sons of God, which are made in the image of God, and daughters of men, which is made in the image of men, has taken them under falsehood like he did Eve, and has formed hisself through his own gimmicks of science and education and culture, till he's got himself a modern, scientific, death Eden. Where God by His Word spoke, and He had an Eden without death; no science, no education like we have today or no civilization.

Now, keep the church in mind. She's kissing, and slopping, and mixing around in everything else but the Word. Let the devil, and education, and scientific searches, and so forth... When scientific education and everything is absolutely contrary to God. The whole system of civilization that we have now, is absolutely antichrist; educational system is antichrist; civilization is antichrist. It's against God. You say against civilization? God will have a civilization one of these days that won't have any death associated into it. This modern civilization come by Satan. I'll prove that to you, if the Lord willing tonight, out of the Bible. All these things are of Satan. Our new civilization will have none of this in it.

RAPTURE.THE.title YUMA.AZ V-5 N-14 65-1204
Education, and the educational system, science, and civilization is of the devil. It's the devil's civilization. The Bible said so. And our civilization that's coming on will have nothing to do with this civilization at all. It's nothing of it at all. It'll be a different civilization. Into this civilization and this scientific world we got... More science--scientific we get, further we go into death, things, traps to kill, and everything. In that new civilization there'll be no death, no sickness, sorrow, or no pain. See? There won't be none in there. So this civilization will have to be destroyed, because it's of the devil.

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