Sunday School Helps for Teachers
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Colour in Pages and Clip Art

A Collection of Pictures (clip art) from bible story books

A lovely range of pictures from various out of print bible story books. 

Includes colour in, black & white images,  and, full colour clip art options.


Alphabetised Sermons 4 Kids, Various Bible Character Colour in Pages

Colouring pages ranging in ability from easy to challenging. 


Calvary William Sport, Various Bible Character Colour in Pages

Scroll right down the page on this site to find the catagorised lists of colour in pages available. 


Full Armour of God - for Boys

One page only.  Complete with labels for each piece of armour. 

Full Armour of God - Colour page for girls 

The above link opens up in a homeschooling wordpress blog site.


Full Armour of God - Detailed Colour Pages

A challenging colour in page.

Karen Whimsey  

Please note:  Not all content on this site is necessarily approved by the author's of end time

A few, older style, black line pictures.




Littlies Bible Crafts

A few printable crafts for younger children.


Moses in the Bulrushes

One page only.


Noah's Ark Mural

Creates a lovely mural when completed.


Old Testament Crafts

A few crafts for elementary age children.



Sunday School Extras

Bible Character Cards

These cards are wonderful rewards incentives for learning bible verses. 

Each card can also be used with a companion work sheet or colour in page.


Church Notebooks (Payment required)

We hand out these sheets for the elementary/intermediate age children to use during service time.

The sermon's points sheet is the one the children seem to enjoy the most .


Elijah the Prophet Proves Baal is False

Includes bible character cards, lesson sheets and colour in pages.



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