The Seven Church Ages - Audio Reading
End Time Message

An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages - Audio Reading

This audio reading of The Exposition of the Seven Church Ages has been kindly produced by Voice OF God Recordings in their dedication to the furtherance of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank them sincerely for compiling this audio reading for the benefit of believer’s worldwide.

These audio files are highly recommended and can be listened to directly from this site or can be downloaded to play on your mp3 player or iPod. They are in mp3 format so they will play on your mp3 player simply by copying the files into your mp3 player, you are also able to directly import these mp3 files into iTunes and they will appear in your iTunes library so you can transferred them to your iPod.

To learn how to download these files and to import them into iTunes - see below for instructions.


Download Name Play Size Duration
download Introduction
William Marrion Branham

0.8 MB 1:46 min
download Chapter 01. The Revelation Of Jesus Christ
William Marrion Branham

36.8 MB 1:20:20 min
download Chapter 02. The Patmos Vision
William Marrion Branham

26.8 MB 58:31 min
download Chapter 03. The Ephesian Church Age
William Marrion Branham

52.6 MB 1:54:51 min
download Chapter 04. The Smyrnaean Church Age
William Marrion Branham

57.3 MB 2:05:02 min
download Chapter 05. The Pergamean Church Age
William Marrion Branham

63.5 MB 2:18:37 min
download Chapter 06. The Thyatirean Church Age
William Marrion Branham

34.5 MB 1:15:17 min
download Chapter 07. The Sardisean Church Age
William Marrion Branham

54.3 MB 1:58:31 min
download Chapter 08. The Philadelphian Church Age
William Marrion Branham

37.5 MB 1:21:56 min
download Chapter 09. The Laodicean Church Age
William Marrion Branham

57.3 MB 2:05:10 min
download Chapter 10. A Resume Of The Ages
William Marrion Branham

18.9 MB 41:20 min


To Import into iTunes – right-click on a green download button and click on "Save Target as..." then chose a new folder that you have made (we sugest you call it “The Seven Church Ages audio files”) and then click save - wait for the file to download, this could take some time as they are fairly large files - download all the audio files from above into this folder - (remember where the folder is and what you have called it) – then open iTunes and click on the word “file” in the far left hand top corner – then click on “import folder” and find the folder that you saved the audio files in (“The Seven Church Ages audio files” if you called it this) - do this by clicking the down arrow key and looking for the folder – when you have found the folder click on it and then click ‘ok’ - iTunes will import the folder and because we have tagged the folder correctly for you it should appear nicely in your iTunes library, then just transfer it onto your iPod by dragging and dropping.


To Import into your mp3 player - follow the above instructions to download the files into a folder on your computer, then when you have downloaded all the audio files above into a folder called "An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages" then simply plug your mp3 player into your computer using a usb cable and open the music folder in your mp3 player and drag or copy the folder from your computer onto your mp3 player - wait for it to copy, and your done.



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