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End Time Message

Caleb Ward

Caleb Ward's ministry has been a blessing to many.  He is a faithful brother and member of the Gospel Way Outreach Church in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Malcolm Wano

Pastor Malcolm Wano is the pastor of the Shekinah Glory Tabernacle in Northland New Zealand. He has a great burden to see the word of God for this day established in the hearts and lives of the predestined people of God and to see them come into a full relationship with Christ by the revelation of the word for this hour.
He is also very active in the mission fields of the Asia/Pacific regions and has visited up to around 17 different countries a year.
His dedication and stand for the word is a testament to his genuine faith in the end time message that God has sent to the world in this last age.

Gary Walker

Brother Gary Walker is a well known and respected minister with an excellent ministry and a mature revelation of the scriptures in the light of the end time truth. He is faithfully pastoring a church in Australia, as well as preaching in other churches around the world. He has also been involved in running a New Zealand Christian youth camp and is appreciated for his honest and straight talk approach.
On the 5th of November 2007 Gary received serious injuries after a car accident involving a truck, it is noted that he died three times, he has an incredible testimony of recovery and how the Lord dealt with him during that time.

Please visit their church website on http://www.livingwordtabernacle.org/

Tony Murray
Bruce McCorkindale

Bruce has a background of forty years’ teaching experience in the commerce field, mainly at secondary school level. Since moving from Lower Hutt in 1978 he has shared joint responsibility for a small Message Fellowship based in the town of Levin. Bruce and his wife Lynley have six adult children.

Matthan Gray

Brother Matthan Gray is a young minister with a budding and gifted teaching ministry in the revelation and light of the end time message. He has been a wonderful blessing and encouragement to many believers.

Adrian Gray

Brother Adrian Gray is a seasoned and longstanding minister of the Gospel. He is very dedicated in his service for the Lord and has been faithful in preaching and teaching the message extensively in his local home church in New Zealand as well as overseas. He has also been responsible for doing an outreach work in the Islands of Vanuatu which has greatly aided the spread of the truth in that area.

Ben Gloyne

Ben Gloyne lives in Wellington New Zealand and is the Pastor of a growing message there. He has a very good revelation of the word and has been a blessing to many through his ministry and gift of preaching the message of the hour.

Read his testomony here: http://www.shekinahnz.com/testimonies-2/ben-gloynes-testimony/

Dean Gilchrist

Dean Gilchrist from New Zealand has been ministering the scriptures in the light of the end time message for many years now. He is pastoring at the Little Bethlehem Family church in Whanganui which consists of a genuine and sincere group of believers.

Dean is a dedicated family loving man with a genuine desire and purpose to see the people of God come into a full maturity and oneness in their relationship and union with Christ as promised for this end time season.

Vin Dayal

Pastor Vin Dayal is a very respected and gifted minister and teacher in the light of the end time message.

He is the Pastor of the Third Exodus Assemble in Trinidad and has been a tremendous blessing to the bride of Christ world wide. We are very privileged by God to have this caliber of gift among us. You can visit his church website on: http://www.thirdexodus.website/index.php/en/

Andy Clifford

Andy Clifford lives in Wellington New Zealand and is a minister of the end time message. He has a solid revelation of the word of the hour and also has a wonderful testimony of the grace of God that brought him out of a life of drugs and sin to the revelation of Jesus Christ. You can read his testimony on http://www.shekinahnz.com/testimonies-2/andy-cliffords-testimony/

Barry Boyse

Brother Barry Boyce has had many years of experience in the teaching of the end time message of the hour, his maturity is respected among many believers.

Markus Becker

Brother Markus Becker is a seasoned minister that has been a great blessing to the bride of Christ worldwide through his anointed preaching and support of the truth of the message of the hour.
He is also known and appreciated for his work as the editor of the “Message Companion” book that has been a great blessing worldwide.

Malcolm  Ferris

Brother Malcolm Ferris is a sincere and dedicated believer of the end time message.
He has a rich understanding of the scriptures according the revelation of the opening of the word.
His teaching style of ministry is enhanced by his genuine love of the word of God and for the truth that has been restored to us by the 7th angels message.

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