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End Time Message


Christianity is a life. Pentecost is--is... I know they've organized it, the word Pentecost, and just capitalized on the name. But Pentecost is an experience, not a denomination. Pentecost belongs with the Baptists, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Nazarene, all of them. Pentecost is an experience.

But Christianity, which is established by Jesus Christ, there is a empty tomb. He was the only Man that ever stood on earth and lived and said, "I have power to lay My life down and raise it up again." And He did it, and He lives today. And we know He lives, because He is with us and proves Hisself by physical signs and wonders that He promised that He would do to show it; insomuch as a Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel through the wilderness, it's with us today; even having Its picture taken, performing the signs and wonders that He promised It would do in this day, seeing all the words that He promised being made manifest this day. Therefore, the rest of heathen world is out; it's Christianity.

I'm a missionary. I've preached pretty near in every nation under the heavens: seven times around. And I have seen all kinds of religions, stood before witch doctors and every cult I guess there is, as far as I know. And yet, everyone of them: Buddha, Mohammed, Sikhs, Jains, whatever it might be, they all have a founder, and every founder is dead. They can mark his grave, and there he lays. There's his bones.
But Christianity, there is a empty tomb. And the good thing about it, we--we--He proves that He's alive. He's--He's here now. See? Now, that's the thing that a Christian can rest upon, that we know that all the rest of the tombs are full but this one. There's an empty tomb. "He is not here, but He is risen." And we're going to tell the brethren this good news. And He's here same yesterday, today and forever.

And the--the principle of Christianity is based upon resurrection, not reincarnation, resurrection. If this belongs right here, this slip, and I drop that down. Now, that doesn't mean take this and put it in its place. That isn't a resurrection. No matter it looks just exactly like it, but that isn't it. Resurrection is to go down and get the same one and bring it up. The same Jesus that went into the grave, the same Jesus come out of the grave. That's right. It's a resurrection.

That's the--that's the real Christian principle, is the resurrection. Christianity's based upon the resurrection, not replacement. If I dropped this handkerchief on the floor and picked up another one and put in its place, that's replacement. Christianity is resurrection. The same Jesus that went down, the same Jesus, went up. The same Jesus went up, the same God came down in the church. The same signs that followed back there is the same signs that follows the church.

Let everyone tonight know, Lord, that You're God, that this Christ... All other religions outside of Christianity is wrong. You're the only living God. Mohammed's dead and in the grave. Buddha is dead twenty-three hundred years ago, dead and buried. But there's an empty tomb in Jerusalem. You rose again. Praise be to Thy Name. You're ever-living. If I die this night, You're... The testimony's true. You've proved by millions around the world. And now, the scientific world's got the picture of It, in Germany, the United States, and the scientists has examined it, and saying It's the only supernatural being ever photographed. You're God.
Let this audience see You're presence, Lord, as I humble myself and submit myself to a gift, the Holy Spirit, may they likewise, for in Christ's Name I ask it. Amen.

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