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End Time Message

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Brother Branhams Drawing on Daniel's 70 Weeks

Two people who were there when Brother Branham gave the teachings on Daniel's Seventy Weeks copied down the chart Brother Branham used. This is a copy of both charts. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember that Brother Branham and the scriptures clearly teach that Christ would be cut off in the middle of the week, that was at the end his earthly ministry, and then the last half of the week (a three and a half year tribulation period) after the rapture of the bride, this is when he will be dealing with the Jews again. These charts do not nesacerally give you that idea, that is why it is so important to go back to what he said about this subject and not to base your revelation on a chart alone.

Brother Reg Searles Letter to Brother Branham and His Reply

Brother Reg Searle from New Zealand wrote Brother Branham a letter. Brother Branham wrote his answer back to the Searles on the bottom of his letter.

Jeffersonville Pastor Traps Wolf, Takes Him Home for a Pet - Newspaper Article

When Brother Branham gave Brother Pearry Green a tour of Jeffersonville, he showed him the barbershop he used to get his hair cut. Brother Branham said he would take off his jacket, lay it on the ground, and his wolf would get on his jacket and stay there until he came back out after getting his hair cut. When he told him to, the wolf would get off his jacket. Brother Green always wondered if he meant a dog that looked like a wolf or an actual wolf. He found the answer when he got this article dated August 23, 1942.

Question on Illegitimacy

When Brother Branham first taught on illegitimacy, it sounded very hard. Some who knew there was illegitimacy in their family asked him about it. Brother Branham clarified that the new birth takes all that away. This copy has quotes from Brother Branham, along with a copy of the article from the Only Believe magazine.
One of the sermons Brother Branham clarifies about the question of illegitimacy is "The Ten Virgins and the 144,000," preached on December 11, 1960 am.

Prayer Cloth Letter

This is a copy of the letter Brother Branham's staff sent out with the prayer cloths.


Boxcar Couples Marriage Licience

In the sermon "Choosing of a Bride," Brother Branham describes two couples: one rich and one poor. This is a copy of the poor couple's marriage license and Brother Branham's description from "Choosing of a Bride," preached on April 29, 1965 pm.



Pillar of Fire Photographed in Houston, Texas. Click below to open the pdf file.

1. The Full Testimony is a copy of an edited quote of Brother Branham giving this testimony on November 29, 1953 pm and a copy of George J Lacy's Report.

2. The Summary includes a short introduction to the time the Pillar of Fire was photographed in Houston and a copy of George J Lacy's Report.

3. George J Lacy's Report is a copy of the "Report And Opinion" from the man who examined the negative and concluded, "I am of the definite opinion that the light streak appearing above the head in a halo position was caused by light striking the negative."

Seven Church Ages Full Detail Chart From Christ till now....

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