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End Time Message


II Timothy, 3rd chapter, said, in the last days the church would be formal, go to church, say the apostle's creed, as they call it... There's no such a thing in the Bible as apostle's creed. That's a bunch of dogma: no such a thing in the Bible. But oh, we worship those creeds. But they'd have a form of godliness, but would deny--deny the power of God. He said, "From such turn away."

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What is it? With God-sent teacher that'll stay right with the Word to the real church, not move one iota no matter what an organization says; they're not connected with it. Prophets; not make-belief, so-called, but a genuine prophet has THUS SAITH THE LORD, and right on the dot every time. That's what He's sent in His church. That's what He said He would do. Believes the Word; not the creed, not the dogma, but the Word... And by doing this, He shows Himself in them by confirming His Word, making the same life that He lived once, live over again, bringing His Word to pass.

There's where the hybreeding come: didn't come through Adam. Shame on you who don't see that. See? It's not Adam's fault. He had nothing to do with it. If death come by Adam, then it come by God. Death come by a crossbreeding. Death can't come by God's Word. Death comes by crossbreeding It to denominations and creed. Instead of Christ, dogma, instead of the Word. It doesn't come by the Word. The Word is Life. Jesus said, "My words are Life," and the Spirit quickens that Word and makes It Life. To crossbreed It, there's where the death comes from. And if Adam, be God's Word, His spoken Word, His original Seed (for He was the first, then by creation), then His second Adam was also by creation, spoken Word. You follow? Now, Adam did not deceive--was not deceived, but His bride was deceived. Christ today is not deceived. The Word is not deceiving. It's the bride that's doing the deceiving by the Word. You see it?

There's no such a thing as organization. Jesus never said, "I commission you to go into all the world and make organizations." No, sir, no such a thing. To do this, is to reject the sacred Scriptures. When this was done, it was changed from church by birth to church by dogma and creed. Not church, let me apologize; lodge. You're born into the Church, but you join a lodge. It isn't Baptist church, Methodist church, Pentecostal church. It's Baptist lodge, Pentecostal lodge, and Methodist lodge, you join them. You can't join Church. There's no such a thing. You're borned into It. Nicodemus was told that. So you see where you're at? Oh, my.
That's why I'm against it. Not against the people in it; the system that I'm against. 'Cause they can't... One of them elders or something another, one of them churches preach something that's in the Bible that's contrary to that doctrine, that charter that they have in that church, he's excommunicated right like that. Yes, sir. Some of them so nasty as they won't even let a revival come to another church unless it be one of their own men.

Do this... to reject the Scriptures... When this is done, it is changed; then when you add dogma and join an organization, you have automatically accepted your first dogma, 'cause it's not Scriptural, so it's something added. And a dogma is something added, "take place of"; it's taking place of the birth. When you accept a denomination, you have added dogma. All right. When this is done, then it's changed from church by birth to lodge by dogma or creed. For, see, it's dogma in itself, not being Scripturally. Now, Jesus never said, "Go into all the world and make denominations, go organize the people together." He said, "Go make disciples." You believe it? Amen. So you see you're altogether out.

That's the way God made His covenant too. Our experience is not to match some creed, some dogma, some church denomination, but it's to match God's Word, Jesus Christ. Right. When we come to Christ, then Christ claims us. He tore Him in two at Calvary. Part of it He lifted up that--up to set at His right hand, which was the body. The Spirit He came--sent back here to make a bride for Him, and that same experience that was in Christ has to be in us. He was--He was absolutely so perfect till He pleased the Sculptor and inspired Him so much, until He smote Him at Calvary. Oh, my.

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