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End Time Message


But when it comes right down to putting what you say you believe into practice, and willing to confess the wrong, they don't do it. It just isn't there. They don't have it. Well, that's real conviction. That's what we need. We've long felt that, a long time ago, and swapped it. Prayer, and--and confession, and conviction, we swapped it for emotion, a shaking, or a jerking, or a jumping up-and-down. That's the reason there's no holding tight, 'cause there's nothing there to hold them. Until you come upon the basis of God's Word, of godly sorrow, and ready to repent and make anything right, and do what's right, ready to live right... I don't care what the people say or anything else, you live for you--for Jesus Christ and what He said. Then you take a church like that coming back, there's a possibility of it coming. But they're not willing to do it.

PARDONED.title TUCSON.AZ 63-1028
I noticed the other night in that great famous meeting of one of our great renowned brothers in California... And I noticed at that meeting, as those people come down, young teenage children... I admired the brother for his great stand. Anybody would. If you're positioned to see what place he's taken in the last days, you will too. And as I noticed those people coming down to the altar to make a decision, girls chewing chewing gum, boys punching one another, people laughing, that isn't the way to come godly sorrowful. You must come under conviction. God, send us an old fashion Pentecostal Holy Ghost revival that'll bring sin to the root and bring conviction to men and women. Not to say, "I'll go back to the church and I'll renew my fellowship. I'll sign a card." That's all right. But you can join the Masons, Odd Fellows, and anything, and get the same result. But when you come under God's pardoning atonement of the Blood of Jesus Christ, there's got to be a sincerity set in there. God requires sincerity.
If it cost Him such a price to give His only begotten Son, how are we going to get by under a little laughing affair, and come join church, and make a decision card, and take it into the church, and whatever it might be. That's not God's requirement. "He that goeth forth sowing in tears will doubtless return again rejoicing, bringing with him precious sheaves." We need a sheave-bringing people.

PERFECT.STRENGTH.title JEFF.IN V-8 N-1 61-1119
But when you persuade and pull and scare people, and talk people in... People must come sanely, soberly, under conviction, and receive Christ. Then the first thing they do as soon as they receive Christ setting in their seats, the next thing is to be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of those sins that they have been convinced that they're wrong. That's how they're remitted of their sins. See? 'Cause they have repented; been baptized as a memorial to the people, that, "I have received Christ as my personal Saviour"; then you're a candidate for the Holy Ghost. But now, many people continue on, persuading and calling to the altar, and so forth like that, which that's all right. I'll go with that; that's perfectly all right as far as I'm concerned, anybody that wants to do it. But to me it's not Scriptural (You see?), and so I--I just like to stay with the Scripture.

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