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Now, we believe the Bible to be God's infallible Word. We believe that It is the entire revelation of Jesus Christ, revealing Himself in the Old Testament by the prophets; God making Hisself known through His Son Christ Jesus, and in Him dwelt the Fullness of the Godhead bodily. He was crucified for our sins, died, buried, rose the third day, ascended into heaven, and is back here again in the Name of the--in the form of the Holy Spirit, God dwelling one time, God above us in Christ, God with us; now God in us. It's God working His way back into man, to worship, be worshipped through man, God's agency. God does nothing outside of a man being His agent, His helper.

God is worth no more than His Word. And if His Word is no good, than He is no good. If your word... If I can't put no confidence in what you say, you're no good. But you're just as good as your word is. And God is just as good as His Word is. And I, as a Christian believer, I believe that this Bible is inspired, and It is written by the Holy Spirit, and It is the infallible Word of God. And God is under obligation to His Word, to the believer that will accept His Word. And any Word is a seed. If you accept it in your heart by faith, and believe it, and confess it, God will bring it to pass.

What a marvelous promise! Two immutable things: God cannot lie and be God. Now, if God has made a promise in His Bible here... We believe the Bible to be the infallible Word of God. And if God has made a promise in this Bible, we have this consolation and know that it's impossible for God to lie. Therefore, when we see He promised it in the Bible, we believe it soul, body, and spirit. It's impossible for Him to lie.
Now, if there's any fault, it's in us, not in God; for God is obligated to His Word, for He's sworn by His Word. Oh, my. I'm sure when we get to seeing it in that light, things begin to shape up and heap up different than what they used to be. Healing of the body doesn't become a fiction, it becomes a reality. The baptism of the Holy Spirit doesn't become any emotional, worked-up substance. It becomes a reality of the indwelling Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ to change the life.

Now, we find out then that an angel would preach anything else besides what's come to--already been said in the Bible, let him be cursed. Nobody can--can't do that; it must be just exactly the way It said.
And again we read in Revelations 22:18 and 19: "If any man will add one word to This or take one word from It, God will take his part out of the Book of Life." That's right. God will take his part, though he be a minister, whatever he may be, and his word--his name is wrote on the Book of Life, God said, "I'll just rub it right off (That's right.) if he adds one thing to It or takes one word from It." That's how infallible God has made His Word. See? You can add to the church or take from the church; don't you add to that Word or take from It, 'cause God will take the name right off the Book of Life. And that's--you're finished then. See? You can't add to It or take from It. It's just exactly what...
It needs no interpreter, for the Bible said that God does His own interpreting of the Bible. "It's of no private interpretation," said Peter. All right.
And all the Scripture is Divinely given, Divinely set in order; and the whole thing is a revelation of Jesus Christ, the New and Old Testament, where they foretold of Him coming, what He would do when He got here, and what He would do in this age to come. So that makes Him the same yesterday, today, and forever. See? Like in Hebrews there when Paul wrote it, He's God, Jesus Christ yesterday of the Old Testament. He's Jesus Christ today, manifested in the flesh, and He's Jesus Christ forever in the Spirit to come (See, see?), same yesterday, today, and forever. And He ever lives to make His Word live what It said It would do for that age. He is alive. He was alive in the Old Testament, manifested.

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That's the way the Gospel is today. It can only be seen in the way that God presents it to you. And if it's presented to you outside of the continuity of the Bible, then it's not God telling you that. Amen. You can't make the Bible lie. It's the infallible Word of God. And it has to agree with the continuity of His--rest of His Word. It just can't say this one place, and this something else; and do this over, hit, scatter. He hits the target every time, the Word does, so you have to make it in the continuity of the rest of the Word. Therefore, His way has always been, in the Word, to send a prophet before that time, before He makes His Word vindicated.

Now, I had a discussion with a priest in my den room here just recently. And he said... I was talking about baptizing a girl. He asked me how I baptized her, by immersing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He said, "The Catholic church used to do that."
I said, "When?"
He said, "In the early days."
I said, "What early days?"
He said, "The early days of the Catholic church."
I said, "How early was the Catholic church?" Which I had all the sacred histories laying there, the Foxe "Book of the Martyrs." I had Pember's "Early Ages." I had all the Josephus writing and all the other historians right there. And I--I said, "I'd like to ask you when."
He said, "Well, the first apostle."
And I say, "And you say they were Catholics?"
He said, "They were."
I said, "Is the Catholic church a universal church?"
He said, "Is it."
I said, "The very word Catholic means "universal," doesn't it?"
He said, "It does."
Well, I said, "Why is it then that the teaching of the Catholic church today is so contrary to the Bible?"
He said, "Well, you believe the Bible. We believe the church."
Well I said, "There's no way at all. We..."
He said, "Well God is in His church."
I said, "The Bible said God is in His Word." That's right. And also the Bible said in the closing of the Book, "He that will take out of here anything or add anything to it, the same will be taken of his part of the Book of Life away from him." So I believe the Bible infallibly. I believe it's the infallible Word of God. I believe there's no more to be added to it, or anything to be taken away from it. I believe that that is God's blueprint to His Church. We builders have made a mess out of it; I'll admit that. But that has nothing to do with the blueprint. It still remains just the same. And it's God's Bible, and I believe it to be... God is in His Word. And God is responsible to His Word.

And as Christians, we believe that this Bible is the infallible Word of God. I am... If I cannot accept it, every Word, then I--I cannot have faith. You can--cannot have faith in something that you--that you are in doubt about, because you must--you must have faith in something that you believe in.
So if the Word is contradictory, or it was meant for another age, or another people, and the writings in it, some Scriptures are true and others are not true, as people would make us believe, or try to, then to me it's not even... It's--it's the most confusing thing. I--I wouldn't even have it in my house. Because I do not let literature of the world come into my house. And if this Book is a contradictory of Itself, or It promises something that It will not back up, then I... It--it isn't the Word of God.

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