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My Response to the Attacks against the Truth of the End Time Message

In regards to all these questions that are being raised against the message of the hour, we must realise that the motive behind all this is to try to put doubt into the minds and hearts of the people of God by trying to bring reasoning against the message that God has sent in this day – this is exactly the way Eve fell from the truth at the beginning, and this is where many are also falling away today, they have had an intellectual faith like Cain, but no revelation faith like Abel.

If you will notice that these people are not attacking the Catholic church or any other false church, they are spending their time and energy trying to bring discredit to the message of this hour through vain disputations and questions, yet they will not tell about all the thousands of things that cannot be disputed in the message, these things they rarely mention because it would defeat their motive to sow doubt into the hearts of the weak.

I believe that they are fulfilling the scripture that prophecies of this happening at the end time - II PETER 3:3-4  ¶  Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,  And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

Notice they are mocking (discrediting) the “promise of his coming” this word “promise” = “Message”“The MESSAGE of His second COMING”, they are attacking this last day message of His second coming by mocking it by their intellectual reasoning. This has always been the pattern in every age with the false vine.

If you wanted to, you could also take this same approach (of trying to discredit the word of God) against the Bible, because there are supposedly around 400 inconsistencies in the Bible. Why don’t these same people who are attacking this last day's message that God promised also attack the bible where they also cannot reconcile statements - it is because that this is the enemy working through them against the Christ for this day, because He is always the living revealed word for the day in which you live in, that is who He was in every age, He is never the “reasoned word” in each age, but the “Revealed Word” in each age, because it is by revelation of faith and not by intellectual understanding of comparing quote with quote. So this makes these ones who are trying to discredit the message of this hour anti-Christ, yes they are ANTI-CHRIST because they are against Christ the “Revealed” word for their day.

 It is harvest time and every seed cannot help but show its true colours – this is exactly what is going on now.

God knew these questions would come concerning the appearing of the Cloud etc, but he has designed it all to happen in a way that if you want to reason your way out of faith, then he has made it happen for them to be able to do that and feel justified in their own minds.

 God's ways and thoughts are far above these ones who think that they are so smart as to try to discredit a vindicated God sent prophet – how foolish can people be to think that they are smarter than what God has sent in this our generation - He will have the last say, and we do not need to try to prove by quotes and working it all out in our minds of what God has achieved in this hour, he will make it all known to us in His time and not ours.

These people that dispute God's message for this day are mostly numbered with the unbelievers, and I do not have time to spend playing their foolish games of reasoning and disputing’s against the word that God has sent in this age.

I do not understand everything, nobody does, and if we could work it all out, then there would be no necessity or requirement for faith, faith is when we don’t understand it all but you know that God sent it, so it is right, and that is all there is to it for the genuine believer.

Because of their wrong motive of trying to discredit what God has sent in our generation, God gives them over to a spirit of delusion to believe a lie (II THESSALONIANS 2:11), they actually believe in their own lies, and God purposefully hides the real truth from them (LUKE 10:21), and that is why you will never be able to argue them into believing the truth, because God will never allow them to see it, so you are wasting your time debating with these poor people.

It is only by the grace of God that any of us see what we see, so I believe that we must be respectful and kind to these ones who are against us, just as Jesus was respectful and kind to the ones who came against him in his day, but yet we must also take our clear stand for the truth.

Dean Gilchrist

New Zealand

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