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A conversation between Bro Pearry Green and Brother Branham

I was thinking of the day when I was reading Brother Branham the ‘Church Age’ book on the way to British Columbia and I was reading how in ‘the sermon on the mount’ where Jesus talked about a man even looking on a woman to lust after her, has already committed adultery in his heart. And I said to Brother Branham “I’ve got something I need to talk to you about”. And he said “don’t do it now Brother Green - go and finish with that (reading the Church Ages), but I promise you be-fore the trips over I’ll tell you about your problem”. Well do you know what it is to have a problem and then have a prophet tell you he’ll tell you what to do about it, and you haven’t even told him about it ?

....It’s like the night he called me on the telephone. I’m in Beaumont (Texas) and he’s here in (Tucson). I was talking about him to my church and this is before I had a revelation of this message or Malachi 4, or about Elijah. And he’s coming to Beaumont, and I told my church of about 50 people, and I said “if you people will come to church tonight I will tell you everything I know about William Branham”. So you know how to invite people to the meeting. And I’m about 15 minutes deep, tell-ing them things about Brother Branham’s experiences, Houston and so forth, and some of the experiences I’d had when I met him with Billy, Howard and so forth. And I made this statement “Brother Branham is the longest windiest preacher I’ve ever been around, but his services are worth going to because there are always miracles at the end of it”. And about that time the phone rang in my church office, and a boy named Clyde Decker, who was living with us, then went and answered it. And when he came back to the door, he was as white as a white shirt. And he said, “Bro Green this is Brother Branham on the phone”. And I turned to that little congregation in Emanuel Gospel Church in Beaumont and said “I’m talking about the man, so let me go talk to the man, and when I come back maybe I’ll have something else to tell you”. Truer words were never spoken. I go to the phone. “Hello Brother Branham”, “Hello Brother Pearry”. “Brother Branham do you know what I’m do-ing?” and without hesitation, he said “Yes I do”. Well have you ever swallowed a golf ball? There weren’t any. “Oh Brother Branham you’re kidding”.... I knew that he knew. I was just going to tell him, ‘I’m talking about you’, but when I got my composure, I said “Brother Branham, am I wrong?” He said “Brother Pearry, I just called to tell you to do all that’s in your heart, and if you make a mistake, I’ll call you”. What do you think happened every time my telephone rang from then until the day he died? But I want you to know - that’ll change your life. You realise that whatever you’re doing God sees it, and He can reveal it.

Brother Branham said the gifts are what keeps the church clean. We don’t want to get caught. That’s one of the things that motivates me to admire Brother Branham so. Most men at some time or another they’ve seen a beautiful woman and been tempted or something but they’re afraid they’re going to get their face slapped, so they don’t approach her. They don’t say anything, or she may scream or she may accuse them or something. But Brother Branham knew the secrets of their hearts. He could tell what kind of women they were, and yet he kept himself. You adults understand what I’m talking about. You men have a certain amount of self respect, but what if you knew the secrets of the heart and knew what she was thinking?

Now Brother Branham was a man and whenever I mentioned to him I wanted to talk to him about a problem, he said “don’t talk to me about it now, but I promise you before the trip is over I will talk to you about your problem.” Now my problem was that my mother had raised me to respect a girl the way I expected a boy to treat my sister, and you think about that. You wouldn’t appreciate any boy fondling your sister and slobbering around on her. It’d make you sick if you were a real brother. And mother instilled this in me. And also my parents; there was nothing that I couldn’t talk to my parents about. Anything. It didn’t matter if it was reproductive or anything, my parents explained that to me when I was 6,7,8 years old. I saw that in animals. ... As a result, when I did go with girls or had girl friends, I treated them like my sister. And after I married Janice and learnt the facts of life in greater de-tail by personal experience, I found myself remembering, when I did date that girl, she said this, and she did this, and if I’d have done this, or said that, then it might have...

And I found myself as a married man, young, with passion, enjoying those. And then the Holy Spirit in me would convict me, and I would repent of it and I’d feel alright and then a few days later or the next day here I am doing the same thing again. And it got to the place where I said “I’m not sincere, I don’t mean this repentance, if I really meant it I wouldn’t be doing it again”. And the devil was just beating me to death with it. ”You’re ungodly, you’re false, you’re lusting”, and it was a real burden on me. And when I read that scripture from ‘the sermon on the mount’, “if a man looketh on a woman to lust after her he has committed adultery”. And I’m sitting next to Brother Branham. I wanted to ask Brother Branham, what to do about it?” And he says not to tell him but before the trip’s over he’ll tell me what to do about it.

So that night we wound up in Dawson Creek in a two bed-room place. Brother Branham had already gone to bed, and I was going through the room to the bathroom and when I passed Brother Branham and he was laying on the chesterfield. He moved his feet aside and said “sit down here a minute Brother Green”. So I sat down at his feet looking at him, and he says “Now about your problem” (Another golf ball appeared) Here’s a prophet going to tell me about a problem that I’m embarrassed over and here’s what he said, ‘And I’ll be honest with you’ That shocked me. Brother Branham admitted that he had a problem. You know [there is] the idea Brother Branham was sinless, but Brother Branham never taught that about himself. How many times does he say “Lord forgive me of my sins? I’m a sinner I’m unworthy”. But yet to hear him admit that he had a problem.... and here’s what he said to me “Now Brother Green about your problem - you’ll have to do the same thing about it that I do. He said “You’re a red blooded man (that made me feel good) and you can’t stop the birds from flying over your head, but you wouldn’t let one build a nest in your hair”. He said “now just as soon as you find yourself thinking those thoughts, you need to say “Lord I’m sorry I don’t want to be like that. Forgive me of it”, and stand behind the Word.

He said, Adam and Eve, God gave them a 40 foot concrete wall, as long as they stood behind that wall God protected them, but when they got out from behind that wall satan had a crack at them. As long as we stand behind the Word satan can’t get to us, but if we get out from behind that, then satan can attack us. He said, “now that Word is 1 John 1:9” that’s why I call it the emergency number for all believers. “If we confess our sins He is faithful to for-give us”. The devil was trying to get me to say “God wont forgive you”, but the Word says if I’ll confess it, He will forgive me. The secret is confession. He does not forgive excused sin, “Well I made a mistake and I’m sorry. He made me do it”. No you’re a sinner, it’s unbelief, you did it. Say “God I don’t want to be that way”. And I want you to know folks, that delivered me, because satan knew that regardless of how many times I did that every day, I knew that God was faithful. He was gonna forgive me. So he stopped wasting his time on me.

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