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End Time Message

He that Covereth Thee

by  Dean Gilchrist  NZ

The word ‘religion’ can also be interpreted ‘covering’. In EZEKIEL 28:14 it reads Thou (Lucifer) art the annointed cherub that covereth; it is suggested that this scripture refers to the two golden cherubim’s covering the Ark of the Covenant, one was Michael, and the other Lucifer, as they were both represented in Heaven and in Eden. We certainly don’t need to be smart to realize that Lucifer is the cherub that is covering man today with his lies and various forms of false religions.

Back in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were covered by the Holy veil of God through faith in the full word, when unbelief entered in through the lie of the Serpent, that Holy veil left them, they became unprotected, vulnerable, and naked, both spiritually and physically. It was Lucifer’s false religious teaching that caused Eve to depart from the truth, just as it is with the denominations of today.

Today these religious coverings of Lucifer’s lies are externalized and in part manifested by the clothing that people wear, or in most cases don’t wear. The Holy veil of God, in ‘God's Eden’, has been replaced by a lust veil today in ‘Satan’s Eden’, and as the covering of a holy veil prevented Adam and Eve from seeing each others nakedness, so now Satan’s lust veil blinds the people from seeing that they are naked, as the scripture states of this age, they are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked, and know it not.

We can see then how this covering Cherub ‘Lucifer’ is at the very heart of the fashion business through which the lust of the eyes is directly connected to the original sin of sensualism and sex, in direct opposition to the revelation of the spoken creative word of God that will beautify and face lift our natural bodies at the last trump.

Concerning this last age Jesus counsels us in REVELATION 3:18 to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear. This gold tried in the fire is the pure revelation of God as spoken through the seventh angel that manifests a Christ-like character produced in the fiery furnace of affliction, there is a price we have to pay for this gold, and it is the price of our time, dedication, and endurance.

It was at midnight in the harvest time (harvest time represents the end of the world) that Ruth the gentile required of Boaz to cover her with his garment. We also see Esther wearing the garments provided by Hegai the king's chamberlain, the keeper of the women, (which represents brother Branham in anti type) in order to be accepted by King Ahasuerus (a type of Christ).

Now please follow this closely as this is my thought; We know that the rapture process consists of the shout, voice and trump, the trump being the final climax, the literal body change part of the rapture process, we must be a part of the shout (which brother Branham states clearly is the Message), in order to be a part of the body change and rapture.

Michael (Christ) the mighty covering angel of Revelation 10:1 has descended through the voice of the seventh earthly angel (Revelation 10:7) to cloth our souls with truth; the message isn’t some man made lie inspired by Lucifer, it is the person of the Word which is Christ His very self, He is our covering cherub.

This covering of truth over the bride will climax with us being clothed with a glorified body. Under the shout phase of the message, the body already begins to turn heavenly, in other words the natural body begins to noticeably change it’s outward appearance by the way it adorns itself (dress code etc), it is the earnest (deposit or down payment) that a complete change is soon to follow. While the rest of the world is manifesting their end by the way they are acting and undressing, the members of the bride are showing that the process of the change has already begun by the way they are acting and dressing. That is why professing message people that don’t act and dress right according to what brother Branham taught, still require the word of the hour to dress their soul by faith and obedience, the outer covering reflects the inner covering as it did in Eden with Eve, when she was covered with doubt in her soul by the serpent’s lie, her outer flesh became exposed.

Two covering Angels, one is Michael (Christ) and the other is Lucifer (Satan), both are contending for the souls of men, both were in heaven, both were in Gods Eden, now both are in Satan’s Eden. When Lucifer covered Eve with his false religion it resulted in a physical body change from immortality to mortality, in this hour Christ is covering his bride in the robes of his own righteousness through the washing of the water by the pure word, this will reverse the original curse and bring about the change back from mortality to immortality.

He that covereth thee must first cover your soul with the robe of the original faith as Satan covered Eve’s soul with the robe of the original doubt. Satan through the Serpent became a voice to Eve, it was by a voice that Eves soul was darkened and she received her body change from immortal life to physical death, notice, her change took place from the inside out, so it is under the sound of the voice of the seventh and last Angel, God found a vessel that he could speak through, the change is taking place from the inside out, and that change has already begun within us if we are true believers of the message.

Take courage, as He that covereth thee through the shout of the message will not rest (like Boaz with Ruth) until he has brought you to a full restoration, soul, spirit and body. He has begun an irreversible cycle in your being that cannot be stopped; its process will go on until it changes you in the very atoms of your natural body and you will realize a complete covering has taken place, it is the glorified body, and that’s the body we’ll all need in order to go in the rapture. The great covering Angel has come, he is here now, it is Christ; it is ‘He that covereth thee’.

May God through his word reveal himself to each one of us is my sincere prayer.

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