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End Time Message

The Rented Veil

As bible believers in the light of the end time message we understand that the original sin wasn’t eating an apple but the renting of a flesh veil and the shedding of human blood in an act of adultery between the Serpent and Eve. God immediately counteracted this by renting the skins of two sheep in order to provide a covering for his children, a foreshadow of the lamb of God that was to come and be rented and shed his blood in propitiation for our sin. This revelation of the original sin unlocks so much scriptural understanding to us as end time believers.

Cain received the nature of his veil renting, blood shedding father (The Serpent), and eventually manifested this by renting the flesh of Abel in an act of murder, shedding his blood upon the earth.

Let us go a little deeper with this! What brought this all about was by the serpent teaching Eve a method of reproduction from a previous dispensation of when God endorsed a system of multiplication for the animal kingdom, in other words the serpent taught Eve a method that God purposed for a certain age and group of species, and taught it and tried to make it work in a different age and on an advanced specie. It was the teaching of a bygone age that resulted in the act that shed Eve’s blood resulting in her assured death.

So it is that the revelation that brought life in the Sardis Church age part of the Body will not bring life in the Philadelphian Church age dispensation, and the revelation that brought life into the Philadelphian Church age was insufficient to for the saints predestinated to the Laodicean Church Age. Likewise the Message that baptized the Pentecostals into the Body will not quicken the souls of the end-time Bride. Sensations and speaking in unknown tongues is not the evidence of the Holy Ghost in this day (nor was it any age). We must not try to impersonate the Word that was purposed and fulfilled in a bygone day but recognize our day and its message in our position in the Body for this hour (we have a higher calling).

Eve had a sensation and brought forth a form of life, but when God dealt with Mary through an angel’s message, life was imparted, not by a bodily sensation but by a revelation of the will of God concerning her part. That is why we cannot and must not preach a light and manifestation from a previous age and expect it to work today no mater how much God blessed and honoured it back then, it can only produce death if we try to carry it over onto this dispensation, this it is exactly what the serpent did with the first Eve, but the last Eve will not be deceived.

When Christ’s flesh veil was rented and his blood shed upon the earth, it had a complete and perfect counter effect to the original sin, Christ took the full penalty of God's justice upon himself for all redeemable humanity.

Immediately following the death of Christ at Calvary a veil of animal skins was rented in two, exposing the Holiest of holies. This symbolising that complete access to fellowship with God had been restored.

In this last age, God has rented the veil of man's dogma and creed and exposed the full revelation of Himself to his elected bride that he might impart His very own life into us. Oh how we love Him and thank Him for this, and may we do all that we can to live our lives according to his will and purpose is my prayer.


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