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This is probably the best Christian biblical counselling material that I have found available anywhere that is very helpful, concise, and straight to the point as well as being based solely on the truth of the scripture.

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What Do You Do When You Become Depressed - pdf

What Do You Do When Fear Overcomes You - pdf

What Do You Do When You Worry All the Time - pdf

What Do You Do When Your Marriage Goes Sour - pdf

What Do You Do When Anger  Gets the Upper Hand - pdf

What Do You Do When You Know That You're Hooked - pdf


 Please Note that although these subjects are very good in their content and would greatly benefit anyone seeking Biblical answers to problems, the authors of this web site do not intend for you to place any information contained in these articles in a position of authority higher than that of the Seventh Angels Message (if there were to be discovered any difference of interpretation of scripture). 

Scripture is our absolute and that is what these articles are founded on, therefore we are confident that they will be of great blessing and benefit to you who are seeking answers in these areas.  

Jay E. Adams is an American Reformed Christian author who is mostly known for his book, Competent to Counsel, in which he states that any Christian is more competent to counsel than any secular psychologist.

Adams advocates the counseling method known as Nouthetic Counseling. This counseling process is unique to pastoral counseling and Christian Counseling because it seeks to counsel man solely from the Bible. Nouthetic Counseling advocates three main steps: To Confront, to have Concern and to lead to Change.

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